Astros’ Dallas Keuchel happy to be leaving Yankee Stadium: ‘New York is no joke’

After a 5-0 lo s tothe Yankees in Game 5 of the AL Series, one Astros player acknowledged being rattled by the intensity of the atmosphere in Yankee Stadium.New York is no joke. Yankee Stadium is a tough place to play and it was rocking these three games,” Keuchel said, via the New York Daily News. “But it’s going to be rocking Friday for us.”This statement from Keuchel somewhat backtracks from what he said on Tuesday whenhe told reporters thathe wouldn’t be bothered by the environment ofYankee Stadium after he got booed by New York fans.That’s also one of the joys is when you’re doing your job correctly as a visiting player for the visiting team against the Yankees, people always are going to have choice words for you. So I fully expect that, Keuchel said. But to have some boos (Monday) night getting introduced, that was a nice feel. You get boos against the evil empire at the home turf, it makes you feel good just because you’re doing your job correctly.”The ALCS will head back to Martin Prado Jersey Houston on Friday for Game 6, giving the Astros a break from playing on the road.

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