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The VisitAmazonia project stems from an almost 30 years experience on the protection of a large area of ​​primary forest between the state of the Amazonas and Roraima along the Rio Jauaperi.

Before the creation of a protected area, the Reserve Xixuaú - created in 1992 by the Associação Amazonia Brazil, then the creation of the Amazonia Italy and Denmark Association, and in 2009 locals run the reserve on their own, in order to meet the need for conservation of the area and with the aim of ensuring a sustainable life to the native population.

VisitAmazonia is made up of local people who welcome all who are interested in living an unique experience in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and at the same time making its contribution to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity and promote sustainable development in the Amazon..

The reserve is currently a protected area in the basin of the rivers and Xixuau Xiparinà, in the Lower Rio Branco - Rio Jauaperi.
VisitAmazonia runs a tourism program at the reserve as well as in other destinations, offering expert guides, local transportation and all the services of welcome and hospitality.

The logistics base and departure point is Novo Ayrao, that can be reached from Manaus in two hours and a half by road, crossing the new and picturesque bridge on the Rio Negro. Explore the Amazon rainforest, navigate the rivers and canals, walking between islands of sand and forest is a unique and authentic experience.

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