My first trip to the Amazon

I have long wanted to visit the Amazon, a dream that I was able to accomplish only this year.
For discovering this wonderful region and live in close contact with a real traditional community, I chose a place totally unspoiled, in full protected and managed by NGO Association Amazonia. The organization ambitions  operating for over twenty years in the region Xixuaú for the preservation of tropical forests and to improve the quality of life of local people.

The region, entirely covered by primary forest, is accessible only by river, starting from the city of Manaus and making a fascinating cruise along the Rio Negro. 36-hour journey along the rivers of the Amazon, surrounded only by water and tropical forest!

The inhabitants of the community Xixuaú welcomed us with great cordiality and have provided us with new structures for eco-tourists, comfortable  wooden hut called Malocas.
Despite being in the middle of the rainforest, we enjoyed all the comforts of a real hotel! The facilities, in fact, have double rooms, private bathroom, private patio, electricity, mosquito nets. The Community Maloca includes living area, library, bar. No cell phones in the Amazon, but the internet connection is always available.

For the duration of the stay, a specialized guide took us on walks in the forest and canoeing, making us discover all the wonders of the place!
At Xixuaú the days are, in fact, devoted to excursions, observation of wildlife such as otters and river dolphins, bird watching, with if possible ness to camp in forest areas particularly suggestive.

The scenery of the forest changes with the seasons, but the spectacle of nature is always impressive! From March to September, when the level of the rivers is higher, you can admire the magical landscape of flooded forest (Igapó), while during the dry season the beautiful pristine beaches offer moments of incomparable relaxation.

And ‘possible to observe many animal species including howler monkeys, tapirs, sloths and, with a good dose of luck, the jaguar. An endless variety of birds inhabit the reserve, considered a haven for bird watchers, who can see toucans, herons, macaws, parrots, eagles, kingfishers and woodpeckers.

The rivers offer the spectacle of a great natural aquarium, with a multitude of colorful fish such as piranhas, the Aruana and other aquatic species, such as pink dolphins, giant otters, turtles and alligators, which They can also be observed in the vicinity of the village.

We have lived in close contact with the locals, who have shown us all their daily activities, such as, for example, the extraction of latex from rubber trees, nut harvesting of the Amazon, the drying of the flour cassava.

The heads of the local cooperative they explained that the activities of responsible tourism is an important source of income for the community Xixuau and greatly improve the quality of life of local people with sustainable development projects, health care interventions, education and environmental preservation programs.

I was alone in this mysterious and fascinating trip and I enjoyed to the full of the joy of the local people and the breath of the forest. An experience I will never forget!