Proposals for Trips

VisitAmazonia also organizes special, tailor made, excursions in order to get to know the region better.

Visit, Relax and Fishing

This trip offers you the chance to see the beauty of the Rio Negro and the Anavilhana Islands in total relaxation and with the possibility to fish.

Excursions to observe the flora and fauna

To walk or to navigate through the Amazon Forest is every persons’ dream. This trip will alow you to discover one of the most intact areas on the planet, the virgin forest and the flors and fauna which live in it.

Documentaries and Photography

The transparency of its waters and the richness of its biodiversity make the Xixuau a real paradise for television documentary making and photography. We are organized to assist in the making of documentaries, television films and photographic projects. Our vast experience includes the making of films by BBC, CNN, PBS, Canal 5 France, Survival Anglia, National Geographic and the Cousteau Ocean Futures Society.

Scientific research

We promote projects for sustainable development in the local communities, as well as the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental services for the preservation of the Amazon Forest. The active involvement of the local inhabitants in research activities helps to generate new awareness and specific abilities for the sustainable development of natural resources, helping the communities to find real opportunities for generating income.

Trip to the Buritizal

We organize trips of six days from the Xixuau to the buritizal region in the north of the Xiparina river. Called The Tree of Life by the native Amazonians, this palm can reach majestic heights and produces a striped yellow or red fruit. The buritizal is immersed in an area of primary untouched forest and can be visited from May to July, when it is used as a nesting site for macaws, colorful, long tailed parrots which can reach up to 90 centimeters in length. During the expedition it is possible to explore small creeks, clear water lakes and flooded forest areas by canoe as well as entering the mainland forest. An exciting challenge for adventurous travelers.